Professional Translation Services

Navigate your way to success with the in-language support experts ...Professional translation for business and government.    

  Document and web translation in 57 languages
  Over the Phone Interpreting in more than 40 languages
  Technical and multi-industry expertise                                 


  Financial and legal documents
  Medical and health care documents
  IT and apps  

Company Profile

We are in-language experts specializing in document and web site content translations, sometimes referred to as localization. Our group of translators is strategically positioned as a global translation and interpreting firm with multi-industry experience. Potential applications include scientific or technical manuals, material data sheets, patents, marketing collateral, disclosures, forms, training decks, policy equipment, or virtually any type of document or media used to facilitate doing business with your non English-speaking customers. 

Our translations are professional, cost effective and certified accurate. No project is too big or too small for our professional and experienced translators, no matter the subject, document type or project size.

Our Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) services are available in over 40 European, Pacific Rim, North American and African languages, in addition to a particular focus around the Spanish language and US Hispanic business market segment. Callers requesting access utilize a toll-free number and are connected, typically within 20 seconds, to a translator for a three-way conversation. OPI translators are all native speakers and accessible 24x7x365 via live telephone, or via pre-booked arrangements in advance at no additional charge. In addition, there are no monthly minimums, 3rd party dial out or setup charges-we simply invoice OPI talk time and report to you via our advanced technology and reporting platform. 

Our Mission

We complement our core expertise in language services and the US Hispanic consumer market space with additional value added services and telesolutions expertise deployed via comprehensive inbound contact center CRM services. Our goal is to offer a robust, integrated suite of language solutions to help clients maximize the lifetime value of their customer relationships.

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